Man pages for AmigaFFH
Commodore Amiga File Format Handler

AmigaBitmapFontThe S3 AmigaBitmapFont and AmigaBitmapFontSet classes
amiga_display_keysA list of special display modes
amiga_display_modesA table of display modes on the Amiga and corresponding 'raw'...
AmigaFFHThe Amiga File Format Handler package
AmigaIconThe S3 AmigaIcon class
amiga_monitorsA list of Amiga monitors
amiga_palettesCommonly used palettes on the Commodore Amiga
as.rasterConvert AmigaFFH objects into grDevices raster images
as.rawConvert AmigaFFH objects into raw data
availableFontSizesGet available font sizes from an AmigaBitmapFontSet
bitmapToRasterConvert an Amiga bitmap image into a raster
cCombine AmigaBitmapFont objects into an AmigaBitmapFontSet
colourToAmigaRawConvert colours to Amiga compatible raw data or vice versa
deltaFibonacciCompress(De)compress 8-bit continuous signals.
ditherImage dithering
font_exampleAn example object for the AmigaBitmapFontSet class
fontNameExtract or replace a font name
getAmigaBitmapFontExtract a specific AmigaBitmapFont from a AmigaBitmapFontSet
getIFFChunkGet a specific IFFChunk nested inside other IFFChunks
hardwareSprite-classThe hardwareSprite class
IFFChunkCoerce to and create IFFChunk objects
IFFChunk-classA class structure to represent IFF files
ilbm8lores.iffAn example file of a bitmap image stored in the Interchange...
index.coloursQuantisation of colours and indexing a grDevices raster image
interpretIFFChunkInterpret an IFFChunk object
packBitmapA routine to (un)pack bitmap data
playPlaying Amiga audio data
plotPlot AmigaFFH objects
rasterToAmigaBitmapFontConvert a raster image into an AmigaBitmapFont
rasterToBitmapConvert a grDevices 'raster' object into binary bitmap data
rasterToHWSpriteConvert a raster object into an hardwareSprite object
rasterToIFFConvert a grDevices raster image into an IFF formated bitmap...
rawToAmigaBitmapFontCoerce raw data into an AmigaBitmapFont class object
rawToAmigaBitmapFontSetCoerce raw data into an AmigaBitmapFontSet class object
rawToAmigaIconCoerce raw data into an AmigaIcon class object
rawToHWSpriteConvert raw data into an Amiga hardware sprite
rawToIFFChunkCoerce raw data to an IFFChunk class object
rawToSysConfigCoerce raw data into a SysConfig class object
read.AmigaBitmapFontRead an AmigaBitmapFont class object from a file
read.AmigaBitmapFontSetRead AmigaBitmapFontSet from *.font file
read.AmigaIconRead an Amiga Workbench icon (info) file
read.iffRead Interchange File Format (IFF)
read.SysConfigRead an Amiga system-configuration file
simpleAmigaIconCreate simple AmigaIcon objects
simpleSysConfigFunction to generate a simple Amiga system-configuration...
SysConfigThe S3 SysConfig class
timevalGet an Amiga timeval struct value from raw data
WaveToIFFConvert WaveMC objects into an Interchange File Format object
write.AmigaBitmapFontWrite an AmigaBitmapFont(set) file
write.AmigaIconWrite an Amiga Workbench icon (info) file
write.iffWrite Interchange File Format (IFF)
write.SysConfigWrite an Amiga system-configuration file
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