play: Playing Amiga audio data

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Playing Amiga audio data


A wrapper for tuneR-package's play routine. Allowing it to play Amiga audio (for instance stored in an 8SVX Interchange File Format).


## S4 method for signature 'ANY'
play(object, player = NULL, ...)

## S4 method for signature 'IFFChunk'
play(object, player = NULL, ...)



An IFFChunk-class object that needs to be played. The IFFChunk should be of type FORM, containing an 8SVX chunk, or an 8SVX itself. object can also be of class IFF.FORM or IFF.8SVX. See play for other objects that can be played.


Path to the external audio player. See play for more details.


Arguments passed onto the tuneR play routine.


A wrapper for tuneR-package's play routine. It will try to play audio using an external audio player. When 8SVX audio is played, each octave is played separately. When a FORM container contains multiple 8SVX samples, they are also played successively.

Note that a separate package is developed to interpret and play ProTracker modules and samples (ProTrackR).


Returns a list of data returned by tuneR's play, for which the output is undocumented.


Pepijn de Vries


## Not run: 
## First get an audio sample from the ProTrackR package
snare.samp <- ProTrackR::PTSample(ProTrackR::mod.intro, 2)

## Coerce it into an IFFChunk object:
snare.iff <- WaveToIFF(snare.samp)

## Play the 8SVX sample:

## End(Not run)

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