as.character: Coerce an AmigaBasic class object to its character...

as.characterR Documentation

Coerce an AmigaBasic class object to its character representation


Coerce an AmigaBasic-class object to its character representation


## S3 method for class 'AmigaBasic'
as.character(x, ...)



An AmigaBasic class object that needs to be coerced to its character representation.


Currently ignored.


Amiga Basic files are encoded in a binary format and are also stored as such in AmigaBasic-class objects. Use this function to convert these objects into legible character data.


A vector of character strings, where each element of the vector is a character representation of a line of Amiga Basic code stored in x.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

Other AmigaBasic.operations: AmigaBasic.reserved(), AmigaBasicBMAP, AmigaBasic, [.AmigaBasic(), as.AmigaBasicBMAP(), as.AmigaBasic(), check.names.AmigaBasic(), names.AmigaBasic(), rawToAmigaBasicBMAP(), rawToAmigaBasic(), read.AmigaBasicBMAP(), read.AmigaBasic(), write.AmigaBasic()


## Not run: 
## First create an Amiga Basic object:
bas <- as.AmigaBasic("PRINT \"Hello world!\"")

## now convert the object back into text:
bas.txt <- as.character(bas)

## End(Not run)

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