rawToAmigaBasic: Coerce raw data into an AmigaBasic class object

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Coerce raw data into an AmigaBasic class object


AmigaBasic objects are comprehensive representations of binary-encode Amiga Basic scripts. Use this function to convert raw content from encoded Amiga Basic scripts to an AmigaBasic object.


rawToAmigaBasic(x, ...)



A vector of raw data that is to be converted into an AmigaBasic class object.


Currently ignored.


This function will convert raw data as stored in Amiga Basic files into its corresponding S3 AmigaBasic-class object.


An AmigaBasic class object based on x.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

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## Not run: 
## First create an AmigaBAsic object:
bas <- as.AmigaBasic("PRINT \"Hello world!\"")

## Make it raw:
bas.raw <- as.raw(bas)

## Now convert it back to an AmigaBasic object:
bas <- rawToAmigaBasic(bas.raw)

## End(Not run)

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