ilbm8lores.iff: An example file of a bitmap image stored in the Interchange...

ilbm8lores.iffR Documentation

An example file of a bitmap image stored in the Interchange File Format


This file is provided to demonstrate the structure of an Interchange File Format and is used in several examples throughout this package.


See IFFChunk-class and references for more information about the Interchange File Format.


The Interchange File Format stores information compartmentally in separate containers called ‘chunks’. This file demonstrates how a bitmap image is stored in this format. In addition to the raw bitmap data, the file also contains meta-information on the bitmap dimensions, its colour palette and the display mode that should be used on an Amiga. See also interpretIFFChunk, IFFChunk-class and the example for bitmapToRaster.



## Not run: 
filename <- system.file("ilbm8lores.iff", package = "AmigaFFH")
example.iff <- read.iff(filename)

## show the structure of the IFF file:

## End(Not run)

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