check.names.AmigaBasic: Check Amiga Basic label/variable names for validity

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check.names.AmigaBasicR Documentation

Check Amiga Basic label/variable names for validity


Check Amiga Basic label/variable names for validity


check.names.AmigaBasic(x, ...)



A vector of character strings that need to be checked


Currently ignored.


Names for variables and labels should adhere to the following rules in Amiga Basic:

  • Length of the names should be in the range of 1 up to 255 character

  • Names cannot be AmigaBasic.reserved words

  • Names should only contain alphanumeric characters or periods and should not contain special characters (i.e., reserved for type definition, such as dollar- or percentage sign)

  • Names should not start with a numeric character

This function tests names against each of these criteria.


A data.frame with logical values with the same number of rows as the length of x. Columns in the data.frame corresponds with the criteria listed in the details. FALSE for invalid names.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

Other AmigaBasic.operations: AmigaBasic.reserved(), AmigaBasicBMAP, AmigaBasic, [.AmigaBasic(), as.AmigaBasicBMAP(), as.AmigaBasic(), as.character(), names.AmigaBasic(), rawToAmigaBasicBMAP(), rawToAmigaBasic(), read.AmigaBasicBMAP(), read.AmigaBasic(), write.AmigaBasic()


## Not run: 
## These are valid names in Amiga Basic:
check.names.AmigaBasic(c("Foo", "Bar"))

## Reserved words and repeated names are not allowed:

check.names.AmigaBasic(c("Print", "Foo", "Foo"))

## End(Not run)

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