rawToAmigaBitmapFontSet: Coerce raw data into an AmigaBitmapFontSet class object

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Coerce raw data into an AmigaBitmapFontSet class object


AmigaBitmapFontSet objects are comprehensive representations of binary Amiga font files (*.font). Use this function to convert raw data from such a file to an AmigaBitmapFontSet object.


rawToAmigaBitmapFontSet(x, file, disk = NULL)



A vector of raw data that needs to be converted into an AmigaBitmapFontSet.


The raw version of the AmigaBitmapFontSet does not contain the nested font bitmap images. In order to correctly construct an AmigaBitmapFontSet the file location of the original *.font file is required in order to read and include the font bitmap image information. file should thus be a character string specifying the file location of the *.font file.


A virtual Commodore Amiga disk from which the file should be read. This should be an amigaDisk object. Using this argument requires the adfExplorer package. When set to NULL, this argument is ignored.


This function converts raw data as stored in *.font files. The function also needs the file location, in order to load the nested bitmap images for each font height. This function is effectively the inverse of as.raw.


Returns an AmigaBitmapFontSet object.


Pepijn de Vries

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## Not run: 

## First create raw font set data. Note that this raw data
## does not include the nested font bitmap images.
fontset.raw <- as.raw(font_example)

## Therefore it is necesary to have the entire font stored as files:
write.AmigaBitmapFontSet(font_example, tempdir())

font.restored <- rawToAmigaBitmapFontSet(fontset.raw, file.path(tempdir(), "AmigaFFH.font"))

## End(Not run)

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