rawToSysConfig: Coerce raw data into a SysConfig class object

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Coerce raw data into a SysConfig class object


SysConfig objects are comprehensive representations of binary Amiga system-configuration files. Use this function to convert raw data from such a file to a SysConfig object.





A vector of raw data that needs to be converted into an S3 SysConfig class object. It should have a length of at least 232. Although system-configurations can be extended, such extended files are not supported here.


The Amiga used the system-configuration file to store certain system preferences in a binary file. With this function such raw data can be converted into a more comprehensive SysConfig object. Use as.raw to achieve the inverse.


Returns a SysConfig class object based on x.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

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## Not run: 
## get the system-configuration from the adfExplorer example disk:
sc <- adfExplorer::get.adf.file(adfExplorer::adf.example, "devs/system-configuration")

## This will get you the raw data from the file:

## Convert the raw data to a more comprehensive named list (and S3 SysConfig class):
sc <- rawToSysConfig(sc)

## End(Not run)

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