rawToAmigaIcon: Coerce raw data into an AmigaIcon class object

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rawToAmigaIconR Documentation

Coerce raw data into an AmigaIcon class object


AmigaIcon objects are comprehensive representations of binary Amiga Workbench icon files (*.info). Use this function to convert raw data from such a file to an AmigaIcon object.


rawToAmigaIcon(x, palette = NULL)



A vector of raw data that needs to be converted into an S3 AmigaIcon class object.


Provide a palette (vector of colours) for the icon bitmap image. When set to NULL (default) the standard Amiga Workbench palette will be used.


Icons files (*.info) were used as a graphical representations of files and directories on the Commodore Amiga. This function will convert the raw data from such files into a more comprehensive names list (see AmigaIcon). Use as.raw to achieve the inverse.


Returns an AmigaIcon class object based on x.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

Other AmigaIcon.operations: AmigaIcon, read.AmigaIcon(), simpleAmigaIcon(), write.AmigaIcon()

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## Not run: 
## generate a simple AmigaIcon object:
icon <- simpleAmigaIcon()

## convert it into raw data:
icon.raw <- as.raw(icon)

## convert the raw data back into an icon:
icon.restored <- rawToAmigaIcon(icon.raw)

## End(Not run)

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