read.AmigaBitmapFontSet: Read AmigaBitmapFontSet from *.font file

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Read AmigaBitmapFontSet from *.font file


Reads AmigaBitmapFontSet from *.font file including all nested bitmap images for all font heights.


read.AmigaBitmapFontSet(file, disk = NULL, ...)



A character string of the filename of the *.font file to be read.


A virtual Commodore Amiga disk from which the file should be read. This should be an amigaDisk object. Using this argument requires the adfExplorer package. When set to NULL, this argument is ignored.


Currently ignored.


The *.font file only holds meta-information. The bitmap images for each font height are stored in separate files, which are listed in the *.font file. The function reads the *.font file, including all nested bitmap files and returns it as a AmigaBitmapFontSet.

It can also read *.font files from amigaDisk-class objects, but that requires the adfExplorer package to be installed.


Returns an AmigaBitmapFontSet object read from the specified file.


Pepijn de Vries

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## Not run: 

## in order to read, we first need to write a file"
write.AmigaBitmapFontSet(font_example, tempdir())

## The font is written as 'AmigaFFH.font' as that name
## is embedded in the AmigaBitmapFontSet object 'font_example'.
## We can read it as follows: <- read.AmigaBitmapFontSet(file.path(tempdir(), "AmigaFFH.font"))

## similarly, the file can also be written and read from and to
## a virtual amiga disk. The following codes requires the 'adfExplorer'
## package:
adf <- adfExplorer::blank.amigaDOSDisk("font.disk")
adf <- adfExplorer::dir.create.adf(adf, "FONTS")
adf <- write.AmigaBitmapFontSet(font_example, "DF0:FONTS", adf) <- read.AmigaBitmapFontSet("DF0:FONTS/AmigaFFH.font", adf)

## End(Not run)

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