read.AmigaBitmapFont: Read an AmigaBitmapFont class object from a file

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Read an AmigaBitmapFont class object from a file


Amiga Font Bitmaps of distinctive font heights are stored in separate files, which in combination form a font collection or set. This function can be used to read a specific bitmap from a set and returns it as an AmigaBitmapFont class object.


read.AmigaBitmapFont(file, disk = NULL, ...)



The file name of a font subset is usually simply a numeric number indicating the font height in pixels. Use file as a character string representing that file location.


A virtual Commodore Amiga disk from which the file should be read. This should be an amigaDisk object. Using this argument requires the adfExplorer package. When set to NULL, this argument is ignored.


Arguments passed on to rawToAmigaBitmapFont.


Individual font bitmaps are stored in a font's subdirectory where the file name is usually equal to the font height in pixels. This function will read such a font bitmap file and return it as an AmigaBitmapFont class object. It can also read such files from amigaDisk-class objects, but that requires the adfExplorer package to be installed.


Returns an AmigaBitmapFont object read from the specified file.


Pepijn de Vries

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## Not run: 

## Let's store the example font first:
write.AmigaBitmapFontSet(font_example, tempdir())

## Now read a specific subset from the font files:
font.sub <- read.AmigaBitmapFont(file.path(tempdir(), "AmigaFFH", "9"))

## The same can be done with a virtual Amiga disk. The following
## examples require the 'adfExplorer' package.
font.disk <- adfExplorer::blank.amigaDOSDisk("font.disk")
font.disk <- adfExplorer::dir.create.adf(font.disk, "FONTS")
font.disk <- write.AmigaBitmapFontSet(font_example, "DF0:FONTS", font.disk)
font.sub <- read.AmigaBitmapFont("DF0:FONTS/AmigaFFH/9", font.disk)

## End(Not run)

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