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simpleSysConfigR Documentation

Function to generate a simple Amiga system-configuration representation


SysConfig objects are comprehensive representations of binary Amiga system-configuration files. Use this function to create a simple SysConfig object.





A named list with elements of the target SysConfig object that need to be modified.


The Amiga used the system-configuration file to store certain system preferences in a binary file. In the AmigaFFH package such files can be represented by the more comprehensive SysConfig class object. Use this function to create such an object with basic settings (which can be modified).


Returns a comprehensive representation of a system-configuration file in the for of a SysConfig class object.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

Other SysConfig.operations: SysConfig, rawToSysConfig(), read.SysConfig(), write.SysConfig()


## Not run: 
## Create a simple system-configuration (S3 SysConfigClass)
sc <- simpleSysConfig()

## And modify it as you wish.
## in this case change the setting for the printer
## from the parallel port to the serial port:
sc$PrinterPort <- factor("SERIAL_PRINTER", levels(sc$PrinterPort))

## It is also to provide modifications to the configuration
## via the 'options' argument:
sc <- simpleSysConfig(options = list(FontHeight = 9))

## End(Not run)

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