rawToIFFChunk: Coerce raw data to an IFFChunk class object

rawToIFFChunkR Documentation

Coerce raw data to an IFFChunk class object


Coerce raw data, as it would be stored in the Interchange File Format (IFF), and convert it into an IFFChunk class object.


## S4 method for signature 'raw'



A vector of raw data that needs to be converted into a IFFChunk class object.


This method should work for all IFF chunk types that are implemented in this package (see IFFChunk-method for details). For non-implemented chunks this method may work properly as long as the chunks are nested inside a FORM type container chunk. This method is provided for your convenience, but it is recommended to import IFFChunk methods using the read.iff function. Use as.raw to achieve the inverse of this method.


Returns an IFFChunk class object based on x.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

Other iff.operations: IFFChunk-class, WaveToIFF(), as.raster.AmigaBasicShape(), getIFFChunk(), interpretIFFChunk(), rasterToIFF(), read.iff(), write.iff()

Other raw.operations: as.AmigaBasic(), as.raw.AmigaBasic(), colourToAmigaRaw(), packBitmap(), rawToAmigaBasicBMAP(), rawToAmigaBasicShape(), rawToAmigaBasic(), rawToAmigaBitmapFontSet(), rawToAmigaBitmapFont(), rawToAmigaIcon(), rawToHWSprite(), rawToSysConfig(), simpleAmigaIcon()


## Not run: 
## Get an IFFChunk object:
example.iff <- read.iff(system.file("ilbm8lores.iff", package = "AmigaFFH"))

## Coerce it to raw data:
example.raw <- as.raw(example.iff)

## Coerce raw data to IFF chunk:
example.iff.new <- rawToIFFChunk(example.raw)

## These conversions were non-destructive:
identical(example.iff, example.iff.new)

## End(Not run)

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