Man pages for BDgraph
Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Birth-Death MCMC

adj2linkExtract links from an adjacency matrix
bdgraphSearch algorithm in graphical models
bdgraph.dwSearch algorithm for Gaussian copula graphical models for...
bdgraph.mplSearch algorithm in graphical models using marginal...
bdgraph.npnNonparametric transfer
BDgraph-packageBayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models
bdgraph.simGraph data simulation
bdw.regBayesian estimation of (zero-inflated) Discrete Weibull...
bfBayes factor between two graphs
churnChurn data set
compareGraph structure comparison
conf.matConfusion Matrix
conf.mat.plotPlot Confusion Matrix
covarianceEstimated covariance matrix
ddweibullThe Discrete Weibull Distribution (Type 1)
geneExpressionHuman gene expression dataset
gnormNormalizing constant for G-Wishart
graph.simGraph simulation
link2adjExtract links from an adjacency matrix
pgraphPosterior probabilities of the graphs
plinksEstimated posterior link probabilities
plot.bdgraphPlot function for 'S3' class "'bdgraph'"
plotcodaConvergence plot
plot.graphPlot function for 'S3' class '"graph"'
plotrocROC plot
plot.simPlot function for 'S3' class "'sim'"
precisionEstimated precision matrix
print.bdgraphPrint function for 'S3' class "'bdgraph'"
print.simPrint function for 'S3' class "'sim'"
reinisRisk factors of coronary heart disease
rgwishSampling from G-Wishart distribution
rmvnormGenerate data from the multivariate Normal distribution
rocBuild a ROC curve
rwishSampling from Wishart distribution
selectGraph selection
sparsityCompute the sparsity of a graph
summary.bdgraphSummary function for 'S3' class "'bdgraph'"
surveyDataLabor force survey data
traceplotTrace plot of graph size
trensfertransfer for count data
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