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This is a function for a method for a generic function print() for class "stanfitExtended"





This is an R object of an S4 class named stanfitExtended inherited class from the stanfit in the rstan package.


Print of stanfit has many parameters, but one of them, the AUC is the most important parameter. Thus in particular, we explain how to interprete the print out messages for AUCs.

——– Print of stanfit object ———————————————–

* The AUC denoted by AA[modalityID , readerID] are shown by the function print() with a stanfit object.

* The column of 2.5% and 97.5% means the lower and upper bounds of the 95

* For example, AA[2,3] means the AUC of the 2 nd modality and the 3 rd reader.

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