Man pages for BayesianFROC
FROC Analysis by Bayesian Approaches

AFROCAF*ROC* curve (alternative free-response *ROC* curve)
AFROC_curveFROC curve as an embedding map
argMaxArg Max: Extract a subscript corresponding component is a max
argMinArg Min: Extract a subscript corresponding component is a...
array_easy_exampleExample array
array_of_hit_and_false_alarms_from_vectorArray of hits and false alarms; 2019 Jun 18
Author_vs_classic_for_AUCvalidation of AUC calculation
BayesianFROCTheory of FROC Analysis via Bayesian Approaches
caseID_m_q_c_vector_from_NI_M_Q_CCreats vectors: 'm,q,c' from integers: 'M,Q,C'
check_hit_is_less_than_NLChech total hit is less than NL for each reader and each...
check_rhatDiagnosis of MCMC sampling
chi_square_at_replicated_data_and_MCMC_samples_MRMCchi square at replicated data drawn (only one time) from...
chi_square_goodness_of_fit_*Chi square goodness of fit statistics*_ at each MCMC sample...
chi_square_goodness_of_fit_from_input_all_paramCalculates the Goodness of Fit (Chi Square)
chi_square_goodness_of_fit_from_input_all_param_MRMCChi square in the case of MRMC at a given dataset and a given...
Chi_square_goodness_of_fit_in_case_of_MRMC_Posterior_MeanChi square statistic (goodness of fit) in the case of MRMC at...
clearWorkspaceClear Work Space
Close_all_graphic_devicesClose the Graphic Device
color_messagemessage with colored item
comparemodel comparison
comparisonmodel comparison
compile_all_models_in_pkg_BayesianFROCCompile all stanfiles in pkg BayesianFROC
ConfirmConvergenceCheck R hat criterion
Confirm_hit_rates_are_correctly_made_in_case_of_MRMCCheck whether each hit-rate is defined correctly
CoronaVirus_Disease_2019Who should be inspected?
CoronaVirus_Disease_2019_prevalenceWho should be inspected?
create_dataList_MRMCCreates a _Single_ Dataset in Case of MRMC
create_datasetCreates a dataset
Credible_Interval_for_curveDraw FROC curves which means credible interval.
dData: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dark_themeDark Theme
data_2modaities_2readers_3confidencedata: 2 readers, 2 modalities and 3 confideneces
data.bad.fitData: Single reader and Single modality
data_generate_NaN_in_fit_with_iteration1111_seed1234*NaN in samplings* A Single Reader and A Single Modality
data.hier.ficitiousMultiple reader and Multiple modality data
dataList.Chakra.1Data: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dataList.Chakra.1.with.explantationData: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dataList.Chakra.2Data: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dataList.Chakra.3Data: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dataList.Chakra.4Data: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dataList.Chakra.WebAn FROC Data of Multiple-Reader and Multiple-Modality
dataList.Chakra.Web.orderdAn FROC Data of Multiple-Reader and Multiple-Modality FROC Dataset with *_Divergent Transitions_* in case of A...
dataList.HighData: Single reader and Single modality
dataList.high.abilityData: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dataList.LowData: Single reader and Single modality
dataList.low.abilityData: A Single Reader and A Single Modality of Multiple reader and one modality
data_low_p_value*low p-value = 0.012* Data: Single reader and Single modality
data_much_low_p_value*low p-value = 0.002* A Single Reader and A Single Modality
data.MultiReaderMultiModalityMultiple reader and Multiple modality data
data.nonconverge.srsc*Non-Convergent* Data: Single reader and Single modality
data_of_36_readers_and_a_single_modality36 readers and a sinle modality data
dataset_creator_by_specifying_only_M_QCreates dataset
dataset_creator_for_many_Readerscreate data for MRMC
dataset_creator_new_versionCreate a Dataset (version 2) Interactively
data.SingleReaderSingleModalityData: A Single Reader and A Single Modality
dcasewiseAn casewised FROC Data of Multiple-Reader and...
ddMultiple Reader and Multiple Modality Data
dddMultiple reader and Multiple modality data
ddddOne reader and Multiple modality data
dddddData of MRMC; Model * _ does _* converge.
ddddddMultiple reader and single modality data
dddddddMultiple reader and 2 modalities data such that all...
dd.orderdMultiple Reader and Multiple Modality Data
demo_Bayesian_FROC_without_pausedemonstration without pausing
Draw_an_area_of_AUC_for_srscDraw a Region of the area under the AFROC curve
Draw_a_prior_sampleDraw One Sample from Prior
Draw_a_simulated_data_setDraw a simulated dataset from model distributions with...
Draw_a_simulated_data_set_and_Draw_posterior_samplesDraw a dataset and MCMC samples
Draw_AUCDraw the Region of AUC of AFROC
draw.CFP.CTP.from.dataListPlot the pairs of CFPs and CTPs
DrawCurvesDraw FROC curves
DrawCurves_MRMCDraw the FROC curves for all modalities and readers
DrawCurves_MRMC_pairwiseDraw the FROC curves with Colour
DrawCurves_MRMC_pairwise_BlackWhiteDraw the FROC curves without colour
DrawCurves_MRMC_pairwise_colDraw the FROC curves with Colour
DrawCurves_srscDraw the FROC curves
draw_latent_noise_distributionVisualization of the Latent Gaussian for false rates
draw_latent_signal_distributionVisualization of Latent Gaussians ( Signal Distribution)
dzThreshold: parameter of an MRMC model
Empirical_FROC_via_ggplotEmpirical FROC curve via ggplot2
error_messageError Message for Data Format
error_message_on_imaging_device_rhat_valuesError message *on a plot plane* (imaging device)
error_MRMCComparison of Estimates and Truth in case of MRMC
error_srscValidation via replicated datasets from a model at a given...
error_srsc_error_visualizationVisualization for Error of Estimator
error_srsc_variance_visualizationVisualization Of variance Analysis
explanation_about_package_BayesianFROCExplanation of this package
explanation_for_what_curves_are_drawnPrint out about what curves are drawn
extractAUCExtract AUC
extract_data_frame_from_dataList_MRMCExtract sub data frame from list of FROC data
extract_data_frame_from_dataList_srscextract data frame from datalist in case of srsc
extract_EAP_by_arrayExtract Etimates Preserving Array Format.
extract_EAP_CIExtracts Estimates as vectors from stanfit objects
extract_estimates_MRMCMRMC: Extract All Posterior Mean Estimates from...
extract_parameters_from_replicated_modelsExtract Estimates From Replicated MRMC Model
false_and_its_rate_creatorFalse Alarm Creator for both cases of MRMC and srsc
false_and_its_rate_creator_MRMCMRMC: False Alarm Creator For each Modality and each Reader.
fffaaabbbPackage Development tools and memo.
file_removeExecute before submission to delete redandunt files.
fit_a_model_toFit a model to data
fit_Bayesian_FROCFit a model to data
fit_GUIFit with GUI via Shiny
fit_GUI_dashboardFit with GUI via Shiny (Simple version)
fit_GUI_MRMCFit with GUI via Shiny in case of MRMC
fit_GUI_MRMC_newFit an MRMC model to data with Shiny GUI
fit_GUI_ROCFit (very bad, MCMC not converge) ROC model with GUI via...
fit_GUI_ShinyFit a model with GUI of Shiny
fit_GUI_Shiny_MRMCFit with GUI via Shiny (in case of MRMC)
fit_GUI_simple_from_apppp_fileFit with GUI via Shiny
fit_MRMCFit and Draw the FROC models (curves)
fit_MRMC_casewiseFit and Draw the FROC models (curves)
fit_MRMC_versionTWOFit and Draw the FROC models (curves) version2.
fit_Null_hypothesis_model_to_Fit the null model
fit_srscfit a model to data in the case of A Single reader and A...
fit_srsc_ROCfit a model to data in the case of A Single reader and A...
flatnamesfrom rstan package
flat_one_parMakes array names
foowithout double quote
foootaboo or
foo_of_a_List_of_ArraysApply functions by each Array in a list
FROC_curveFROC curve as an embedding map
from_array_to_vectorTransform from an * _array_* to a * _vector_*
get_posterior_varianceAlternative of 'rstan::get_posterior_mean()'
get_samples_from_Posterior_Predictive_distributionSynthesizes Samples from Predictive Posterior Distributions...
get_treedepth_thresholdget treedepth threshold
ggplotFROCDraw FROC curves by two parameters a and b
ggplotFROC.EAPDraw FROC curves by two parameters a and b
give_name_srsc_CFP_CTP_vectorGive a Name For CTP CFP vector
give_name_srsc_dataGive a name for srsc data list component
grapes-greater-than-greater-than-grapesFit a model
hit_generator_from_multinomialUnder Const
hit_rate_adjusted_from_the_vector_phit rate adjusted from a vector p
hits_creator_from_rateMRMC Dataset Creator From Hit Rate.
hits_false_alarms_creator_from_thresholdsHits and False Alarms Creator
hits_from_thresholdsMRMC Hit Creator from thresholds, mean and S.D.
hits_rate_creatorMRMC Hit Rates Creator from Thresholds, Mean and S.D.
horizontal_from_vertical_in_each_caseTransfer From Vertical placement into Horizontal placement...
initial_values_specification_for_stan_in_case_of_MRMCInitial values for HMC (Hamiltonian Moncte Carlo Markov...
inv_PhiInverse function of the Cumulative distribution function...
is_length_zeroIs argument of length zero ?
is_na_in_vectorDetect NA in a vector
is_na_listCheck whether a list contains NA or not.
is_stanfitExtendedCheck whether class is _stanfitExtended_ for any R object
make_TeXMake a TeX file for summary
make_true_parameter_MRMCMake a true model parameter and include it in this package
metadata_srsc_per_imageCreate metadata for MRMC data.
metadata_to_DrawCurve_MRMCCreate metadata for MRMC data
metadata_to_fit_MRMCCreate metadata for MRMC data
metadata_to_fit_MRMC_casewiseCreate metadata for MRMC data
m_q_c_vector_from_M_Q_CCreats vectors: 'm,q,c' from integers: 'M,Q,C'
muMean of signal: parameter of an MRMC model
mu_truthMean of signal: parameter of an MRMC model
mu_truth_creator_for_many_readers_MRMC_datamu of MRMC model paramter
name_of_param_whose_Rhat_is_maximalExtract a name of parameter from StanfitExtended object (or...
names_argMaxExtract name from a real vector whose component is the...
pHit Rate: parameter of an MRMC model
pairs_plot_if_divergent_transition_occurredPairs plot for divergent transition
pausePause for Demo
PhiThe Cumulative distribution function Phi(x) of the Standard...
Phi_invInverse function of the Cumulative distribution function...
plot_curve_and_hit_rate_and_false_rate_simultaneouslyCurve and signal distribution and noise d log Phi() for a...
plot_dataset_of_pppplot datasets using calculation of ppp
plot_dataset_of_ppp_MRMCplot datasets using calculation of ppp
plot_empirical_FROC_curvesPlot empirical FROC Curves by traditional ways of 'ggplot2'
plot_FPF_and_TPF_from_a_datasetPlot FPF and TPF from MRMC data
plot_FPF_TPF_via_dataframe_with_split_factorScatter Plot of FPFs and TPFs via Splitting Factor
plotFROCDraw FROC curves by two parameters a and b
plot_ROC_empirical_curvesEmpirical ROC curve
plot-stanfitExtended-missing-methodA generic function 'plot()'
plot_test# Definition of a method for the inherited class...
pnorm_or_qnormpnorm or qnorm
print_minimal_reproducible_code_in_case_of_MRMCShow minimal code in MRMC
print_stanfitExtendedDefinition of a method for the inherited class...
print-stanfitExtended-methodA method for a generic function 'print()' for class...
prior_predictorPredict some estimates of parameter
prior_print_MRMCPrint What Prior Are Used
prior_print_srscPrint What Prior Are Used
priorResearchResearch for Prior
p_truthHit Rate: parameter of an MRMC model
p_value_of_the_Bayesian_sense_for_chi_square_goodness_of_fitP value for goodness of fit : No longer used in 2019 Oct
rank_statistics_with_two_parametersRank Statistics
replicate_model_MRMCReplicate Models
replicate_MRMC_dataListMRMC: Replicates Datasets From Threshold, Mean and S.D.
R_hat_maxMax R hat
ROC_data_creatorSynthesize ROC data
ROC_data_creator2Synthesize ROC data
seq_array_indMakes a Matrix from a vector of itegers
show_codes_in_my_manuscriptShow R codes used in my manuscript
showGMthe Graphical Model via PKG 'DiagrammeR' for the case of a...
Simulation_Based_Calibration_histogramDraw a histogram of the rank statistics
Simulation_Based_Calibration_single_reader_single_modality_via_rstan_sbcSimulation Based Calibration (SBC) for a single reader and a...
Simulation_Based_Calibration_via_rstan_sbc_MRMCSimiulation Based Calibration (SBC) for a single reader and a...
size_of_return_valueSize of R object
snippet_for_BayesianFROCEdit Snippet
sortAUCPrints a Ranking for AUCs for MRMC Data
Stan_code_validationstan code
stanfitExtended'stanfitExtended', an S4 class inherited from the S4 class...
stanfit_from_its_inherited_classChage S4 class to stanfit
stan_model_of_sbcCreates an object of class stanfit of SBC
stan_trace_of_max_rhata trace plot for a paramter whose R hat is largest
StatisticForANOVAStatistic for ANOVA
summarize_MRMCSummarize the estimates for MRMC case
Test_Null_Hypothesis_that_all_modalities_are_sameTest the Null hypothesis that all modalities are same
the_row_number_of_logical_vectorExtract the row number from a logical vector
trace_PlotTrace plot 'TRUE' in a Vector whose components are all Logical R...
vStandard Deviation: parameter of an MRMC model
validation.dataset_srscErrors of Estimator for any Given true parameter
validation.draw_srscDraw Curves for validation dataset
vertical_from_horizontal_in_each_caseTransfer From Horizontal placement into Vertical placement...
viewdataBuild a table of FROC data
viewdata_MRMCView MRMC data
viewdata_MRMC_casewiseView MRMC data
viewdata_srscBuild a table of data in the case of A Single reader and A...
v_truthStandard Deviation: parameter of an MRMC model
v_truth_creator_for_many_readers_MRMC_datav of MRMC model paramter
waicWAIC Calculator
zThreshold: parameter of an MRMC model
z_from_dzThresholds from its difference
z_truthThreshold : parameter of an MRMC model
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