Defines functions prior_predictor

Documented in prior_predictor

# Sum of Unif and Gaussian random variable is a convolution and
# it can calculate explicitly.

#' @title Predict some estimates of parameter
#' @param d A list of data, which can be passed to the \code{fit_Bayesian_FROC}.
#' @return none
# @export
# @examples
prior_predictor <- function(d=d){
f <- fit_Bayesian_FROC( ite  = 11111,  cha = 1, summary = FALSE, dataList = d)
w <-extract(f)$w
m <-extract(f)$m
v <-extract(f)$v
z2 <-extract(f)$z[,2]
z3 <-extract(f)$z[,3]


mean(   (m-w)/(sqrt(v))-1  )

a <-metadata_srsc_per_image(f@dataList)
hh <-a$hh

graphics::hist(Phi_inv(exp(-a$ff[3] ))/w)
mean(Phi_inv(exp(-a$ff[3] ))/w)
message("\n* This function shows that the model parameter named w can be predictied by
 the data as the following quantities

        Phi_inv(exp(-a$ff[3] ))

 where the ff[3] is the most lower FPF (false positive fraction).

 Similar manner can be avaliable for the other parameters.



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