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#' @title  the Graphical Model via PKG \pkg{DiagrammeR}
#' for the case of a single reader and a single modality
#' @description This function shows
#' the graphical model for a single
#'  reader and a single modality
#'  FROC statistical model.
#'@details In the earlier, this function  shows the graphical model for FROC models, but now,
#'  because this is redundant, this function merely prints its codes and dose not execute it . So, this pkg no longer depend on
#'  the pkg \pkg{DiagrammeR}.
#' @export
#' @examples
#'   showGM()
#'}# dontrun
showGM <- function(){

message("# * The figure shows the graphical model for our FROC model with respect to a single reader and a single modality case.")
message("# p: Hit rate, i.e., Hits ~ Binomial(p,NL), where NL is the number of Lesions")
message("# l: False rate, i.e., cumulative False alarms ~ Poisson(lambda*NX), where NX=NL or NI (number of images)")
message("# z: Thresholds of binormal assumption")
message("# m: mean of the signal distribution")
message("# v: standard deviation of the noise distribution")
message("# a = m/v")
message("# b = 1/v \n ")
message("# AUC=Phi(  a/sqrt(b^2+1)  ), Phi is the cumulative distribution function of the Gaussian distribution with mean 0 and variance 1.")


DiagrammeR::grViz( \"

                   digraph sake_flow{

Hits[color='gray' style='filled'  fillcolor = 'gray' shape = 'box' ]
False_Alarms[color='gray' style='filled'  fillcolor = 'gray' shape = 'box' ]
No_of_Images[color='gray' style='filled'  fillcolor = 'gray' shape = 'box' ]
No_of_Lesions[color='gray' style='filled'  fillcolor = 'gray' shape = 'box' ]

z[color='red' style='filled'  fillcolor = 'salmon'   ]
m[color='red' style='filled'  fillcolor = 'salmon'  ]
v[color='red' style='filled'  fillcolor = 'salmon'   ]

p[  style='filled'  fillcolor = 'LimeGreen' shape = 'doublecircle'   ]
l[  style='filled'  fillcolor = 'LimeGreen' shape = 'doublecircle'   ]
a[  style='filled'  fillcolor = 'LimeGreen' shape = 'doublecircle'   ]
b[  style='filled'  fillcolor = 'LimeGreen' shape = 'doublecircle'   ]
AUC[  style='filled'  fillcolor = 'LimeGreen' shape = 'doublecircle'   ]


No_of_Lesions ->Hits
No_of_Images ->False_Alarms





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