# Test Step 2 of ISOpure using the saved data

# load library 

# load the data from that path
data.path <-  paste0(file.path(system.file(package = "ISOpureR"), 'extdata', 'Beer'));  
load(file.path(data.path , 'beer.tumordata.250.transcripts.30.patients.RData'));
load(file.path(data.path , 'beer.normaldata.250.transcripts.RData'));
load(file.path(data.path , 'beer.ISOpureS1model.250.transcripts.30.patients.RData'));

# the normaldata and tumourdata should be matrices
beer.tumordata <- as.matrix(beer.tumordata);
beer.normaldata <- as.matrix(beer.normaldata);

# run step 2 of ISOpureR
ISOpureS2model <- ISOpure.step2.PPE(beer.tumordata, beer.normaldata, ISOpureS1model);

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