Input/Output data for PTXQC"

Input/Output data for PTXQC

PTXQC generates quality control reports for MaxQuant results.


When a full report is generated, PTXQC requires the following input files:

These files can be found in the <baseDir>/combined/txt folder after MaxQuant analysis successfully finished. Here, <baseDir> is your main MaxQuant project folder containing your Raw files.

If you are not interested in the full report, PTXQC can be configured to look only at some of these files by editing the YAML file. See the PTX-CustomizeReport vignette

vignette("PTXQC-CustomizeReport", package = "PTXQC")

for details. Alternatively, you can rename any .txt file if you want PTXQC to ignore it.


By default, PTXQC will generate a report in both Html and PDF format.

To enable/disable a certain format (Html/PDF), just set it in the YAML config file (see above for the vignette hint on report customization).

Further output files (with the same prefix name as the Html/PDF report), include

The YAML configuration file is created the first time you run PTXQC on a txt-folder. Customize it as you see fit.

Read more about report_vXXX_filename_sort.txt and report_vXXX.yaml in the PTX-CustomizeReport vignette.

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