createReport: Create a quality control report (in PDF format).

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This is the main function of the package and the only thing you need to call directly if you are just interested in getting a QC report.


createReport(txt_folder, yaml_obj = list(), report_filenames = NULL)



Path to txt output folder of MaxQuant (e.g. "c:/data/Hek293/txt")


A nested list object with configuration parameters for the report. Useful to switch off certain plots or skip entire sections.


Optional list with names (as generated by getReportFilenames). If not provided, will be created internally by calling getReportFilenames.


You need to provide the folder name of the 'txt' output, as generated by MaxQuant and optionally a YAML configuration object, which allows to (de)activate certain plots and holds other parameters. The yaml_obj is complex and best obtained by running this function once using the default (empty list). A full YAML configuration object will be written in the 'txt' folder you provide and can be loaded using yaml.load.

The PDF and the config file will be stored in the given txt folder.


List with named filename strings, e.g. $yaml_file, $report_file etc..


You need write access to the txt folder!

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