List of Metrics"

## global options
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo=FALSE, warning=FALSE, error=FALSE, message=FALSE, fig.width=10)

lst_qcMetrics_ord = PTXQC:::getMetricsObjects()

txt_TOC = "# Table of Contents
  - [Overview](#Overview)
  - [Metrics](#Metrics)
txt_BODY = ""
for (qcm in lst_qcMetrics_ord)
  newname = gsub("(.*)\\(.*" , "\\1", gsub("[\\*~%]" , " ", gsub("[\\^\">]" , "", qcm$qcName))) 
  ## remove weird symbols (to serve as link)
  newname_lnk = gsub("[^a-zA-Z0-9]", "", newname)
  txt_TOC = paste0(txt_TOC, paste0("    - [", newname, "](#", newname_lnk, ")\n"))
  txt_BODY = paste0(txt_BODY, '\n
## ', newname, ' <a name="', newname_lnk, '"/>
  <div class="helpText">', qcm$helpTextTemplate, '</div>
<p style="text-align: right"><a href="#TOP">-- back to top --</a></p>\n\n')

## print the TOC


The following metrics are implemented in PTXQC.

Reasons why metrics might not appear in every report

  • applicable only to certain types of data, e.g. SILAC or TMT
  • metric was disabled manually using the YAML config file
  • missing input data (incomplete tables), e.g. only evidence.txt is present

Some metrics are incompletely named here, since they might contain (hithero unknown) thresholds.



If the above list is empty, the vignette was not compiled (e.g. when viewing on GitHub). Please see --> Vignettes for a compiled version.

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