.onAttach <- function (...) {
 meta <- packageDescription("QCApro")
 year <- sub("-.*", "", meta$Date)
 title <- paste("QCApro:", meta$Title)
 note <- sprintf("R Package Version %s.", meta$Version)
 msg1 <- paste("Thiem, Alrik.", sprintf("%s.", year),
              sprintf("%s.", title), note,
              "URL: http://www.alrik-thiem.net/software/.")
 msg1 <- paste(strwrap(msg1, indent = 2, exdent = 2), collapse = "\n")
 packageStartupMessage("\nPlease cite the 'QCApro' package as follows:\n\n",
                       msg1, "\n\nA BibTeX entry can be generated by:\n\n  citation(package = \"QCApro\")\n",
                       "\nAll internal package updates can be browsed by:\n\n  news(package = \"QCApro\")\n",
                       "\nNOTE: You should work with only either QCApro or QCA within the same R session.\n")

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