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Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (2nd Ed)"

case0101Motivation and Creativity
case0102Sex Discrimination in Employment
case0201Bumpus's Data on Natural Selection (Humerus)
case0202Anatomical Abnormalities Associated with Schizophrenia
case0301Cloud Seeding
case0302Agent Orange
case0401Space Shuttle
case0402Cognitive Load
case0501Diet Restriction and Longevity
case0502The Spock Conspiracy Trial
case0601Discrimination Against the Handicapped
case0602Mate Preference of Platyfish
case0701The Big Bang
case0702Meat Processing and pH
case0801Island Area and Number of Species
case0802Breakdown Times for Insulating Fluid under different Voltage
case0901Effects of Light on Meadowfoam Flowering
case0902Why Do Some Mammals Have Large Brains for Their Size?
case1001Galileo's Data on the Motion of Falling Bodies
case1002The Energy Costs of Echolocation by Bats
case1101Alcohol Metabolism in Men and Women
case1102The Blood-Brain Barrier
case1201State Average SAT Scores
case1202Sex discrimination in Employment
case1301Seaweed Grazers
case1302Pygmalion Effect
case1401Chimp Learning Times
case1402Effect of Ozone, SO2 and Drought on Soybean Yield
case1501Logging and Water Quality
case1502Global Warming
case1601Sites of Short- and Long-Term Memory
case1602Oat Bran and Cholesterol
case1701Magnetic Force on Printer Rods
case1702Love and Marriage
case1902Death Penalty and Race
case2001Survival in the Donner Party
case2002Birdkeeping and Lung Cancer
case2101Island Size and Bird Extinctions
case2102Moth Coloration and Natural Selection
case2201Age and Mating Success of Male Elephants
case2202Characteristics Associated with Salamander Habitat
ex0112Fish Oil and Blood Pressure
ex0116Planet Distances and Order from Sun
ex0211Lifetimes of Guinea Pigs
ex0221Bumpus's Data on Natural Selection (Weight)
ex0222Cholesterol in Urban and Rural Guatemalans
ex0223Speed Limits and Traffic Fatalities
ex0321Umpire Life Lengths
ex0323Solar Radiation and Skin Cancer
ex0327Life Expectancy and Per Capita Income
ex0328Pollen Removal
ex0331Iron Supplementation
ex0332College Tuition
ex0333Brain Size and Litter Size
ex0428Darwin's Data
ex0429Exercise and Walking Time
ex0430Sunlight Protection Factor
ex0431Effect of Group Therapy on Survival of Breast Cancer Patients
ex0432Therapeutic Marijuana
ex0518Fatty Acid
ex0523Was Tyrannosaurus Rex Warm-Blooded?
ex0524Vegetarians and Zinc: An Observational Study
ex0621Failure Times of Bearings
ex0622A Biological Basis for Homosexuality
ex0723Old Faithful
ex0724Crab Claw Size and Force
ex0726Decline in Male Births
ex0727The Big Bang II
ex0728Number of Stories and Building Height
ex0729Male Displays
ex0730Brain Activity in Violin and String Players
ex0816Meat Processing
ex0817Biological Pest Control
ex0818Chernobyl Fallout
ex0820Election Fraud
ex0822Ecosystem Decay
ex0823Wine Consumption and Heart Disease
ex0824Respiratory Rates for Children
ex0825The Dramatic U.S. Presidential Election of 2000
ex0914Pace of Life and Heart Disease
ex0915Rainfall and Corn Yield
ex0918Speed of Evolution
ex0920Winning Speeds at the Kentucky Derby
ex1014Toxic Effects of Copper and Zinc
ex1026Thinning of Ozone Layer
ex1027Factors Affecting Extinction
ex1028El Nino and Hurricanes
ex1029Wage and Race
ex1115Election Fraud
ex1120Was Tyrannosaurus Rex Warm-Blooded?
ex1122Deforestation and Debt
ex1123Air Pollution and Mortality
ex1124Natal Dispersal Distances of Mammals
ex1217Pollution and Mortality
ex1220Galapagos Islands
ex1221River Nitrogen
ex1222Bush Gore Ballot Controversy
ex1317Dinosaur Extinctions-An Observational Study
ex1320Gender Differences in Performance on Mathematics Achievement...
ex1414Blood Brain Barrier
ex1415Second Replicate of the Barrier Disruption Study
ex1417Tennessee Corn Yield Trials
ex1509Sunspot Counts for 1749-1948
ex1512Melanoma and Sunspot Activity-An Observational Study
ex1513Lynx Trappings and Sunspots
ex1514Trends in Firearm and Motor Vehicle Deaths in the U.S.
ex1515S&P 500
ex1611Religious Competition
ex1613Flea Beetle Distinction
ex1615Trends in SAT Scores
ex1708Pig Fat
ex1713Church Distinctiveness
ex1914Mantel-Haenszel Test for Censored survival Times: Lymphoma...
ex1916Vitamin C and Colds
ex1917Alcohol Consumption and Breast Cancer-A Retrospective Study
ex1918The Donner Party
ex1919Tire-Related Fatal Accidents and Ford Sports Utility Vehicles
ex2011Space Shuttle
ex2012Muscular Dystrophy
ex2015Spotted Owl Habitat
ex2016Bumpus Natural Selection Data
ex2017Catholic stance
ex2018Fatal Car Accidents Involving Tire Failures on Ford Explorers
ex2115Belief Accessibility
ex2116Aflatoxicol and Liver Tumors in Trout
ex2117Effect of Stress During Conception on Odds of a Male Birth
ex2118HIV and Circumcision
ex2119Meta-Analysis of Breast Cancer and Lactation Studies
ex2216Murder-Suicides by Deliberate Plane Crash
ex22.20Cancer Death of Atomic Bomb Survivors
ex2222Emulating Jane Austen's Writing Style
ex2223Space Shuttle O-Ring Failures
ex2224Valve Failure in Nuclear Reactors
ex2225Body Size and Reproductive Success in a Population of Male...
ex2414Amphibian Crisis and UV-B
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