add_total_row: Add a Total row into a count summary.

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Add a Total row into a count summary.


Adding a total row creates an additional observation in the count summary that presents the total counts (i.e. the n's that are summarized). The format of the total row will be formatted in the same way as the other count strings.


add_total_row(e, fmt = NULL, count_missings = TRUE, sort_value = NULL)



A count_layer object


An f_str object used to format the total row. If none is provided, display is based on the layer formatting.


Whether or not to ignore the named arguments passed in 'set_count_missing()' when calculating counts total row. This is useful if you need to exclude/include the missing counts in your total row. Defaults to TRUE meaning total row will not ignore any values.


The value that will appear in the ordering column for total rows. This must be a numeric value.


Totals are calculated using all grouping variables, including treat_var and cols from the table level. If by variables are included, the grouping of the total and the application of denominators becomes ambiguous. You will be warned specifically if a percent is included in the format. To rectify this, use set_denoms_by(), and the grouping of add_total_row() will be updated accordingly.

Note that when using add_total_row() with set_pop_data(), you should call add_total_row() AFTER calling set_pop_data(), otherwise there is potential for unexpected behaivior with treatment groups.


# Load in Pipe

tplyr_table(mtcars, gear) %>%
    group_count(cyl) %>%
      add_total_row(f_str("xxxx", n))
   ) %>%

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