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A Traceability Focused Grammar of Clinical Data Summary

add_anti_joinAdd an anti-join onto a tplyr_meta object
add_column_headersAttach column headers to a Tplyr output
add_missing_subjects_rowAdd a missing subject row into a count summary.
add_risk_diffAdd risk difference to a count layer
add_total_rowAdd a Total row into a count summary.
append_metadataAppend the Tplyr table metadata dataframe
apply_conditional_formatConditional reformatting of a pre-populated string of numbers
apply_formatsApply Format Strings outside of a Tplyr table
apply_row_masksReplace repeating row label variables with blanks in...
buildTrigger the execution of the 'tplyr_table'
bySet or return by layer binding
collapse_row_labelsCollapse row labels into a single column
f_strCreate a 'f_str' object
get_data_labelsGet Data Labels
get_metadataGet the metadata dataframe from a tplyr_table
get_meta_resultExtract the result metadata of a Tplyr table
get_meta_subsetExtract the subset of data based on result metadata
get_numeric_dataRetrieve the numeric data from a tplyr objects
get_stats_dataGet statistics data
get_tplyr_regexRetrieve one of Tplyr's regular expressions
header_nReturn or set header_n binding
keep_levelsSelect levels to keep in a count layer
layer_attachmentAttach a layer to a 'tplyr_table' object
layer_constructorsCreate a 'count', 'desc', or 'shift' layer for discrete count...
layer_templatesCreate, view, extract, remove, and use Tplyr layer templates
metadata_additionsAdd variables to a tplyr_meta object
orderingSet the ordering logic for the count layer
pipePipe operator
pop_dataReturn or set population data bindings
pop_treat_varReturn or set pop_treat_var binding
precision_bySet or return precision_by layer binding
precision_onSet or return precision_on layer binding
process_formattingProcess layers to get formatted and pivoted tables.
process_metadataProcess layers to get metadata tables
process_statistic_dataProcess a tplyr_statistic object
process_statistic_formattingProcess string formatting on a tplyr_statistic object
process_summariesProcess layers to get numeric results of layer
replace_leading_whitespaceReformat strings with leading whitespace for HTML
set_custom_summariesSet custom summaries to be performed within a descriptive...
set_denom_ignoreSet values the denominator calculation will ignore
set_denoms_bySet variables used in pct denominator calculation
set_denom_whereSet Logic for denominator subsetting
set_distinct_bySet counts to be distinct by some grouping variable.
set_format_stringsSet the format strings and associated summaries to be...
set_indentationSet the option to prefix the row_labels in the inner...
set_limit_data_bySet variables to limit reported data values only to those...
set_missing_countSet the display for missing strings
set_missing_subjects_row_labelSet the label for the missing subjects row
set_nest_countSet the option to nest count layers
set_numeric_thresholdSet a numeric cutoff
set_outer_sort_positionSet the value of a outer nested count layer to Inf or -Inf
set_precision_dataSet precision data
set_stats_as_columnsSet descriptive statistics as columns
set_total_row_labelSet the label for the total row
str_extractorsExtract format group strings or numbers
str_indent_wrapWrap strings to a specific width with hyphenation while...
table_format_defaultsGet or set the default format strings for descriptive...
target_varSet or return treat_var binding
TplyrA grammar of summary data for clinical reports
tplyr_adaeADAE Data
tplyr_adasADAS Data
tplyr_adlbADLB Data
tplyr_adpeADPE Data
tplyr_adslADSL Data
tplyr_layerCreate a 'tplyr_layer' object
tplyr_metaTplyr Metadata Object
tplyr_tableCreate a Tplyr table object
treat_grpsCombine existing treatment groups for summary
treat_varReturn or set the treatment variable binding
whereSet or return where binding for layer or table
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