treat_grps: Combine existing treatment groups for summary

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Combine existing treatment groups for summary


Summary tables often present individual treatment groups, but may additionally have a "Treatment vs. Placebo" or "Total" group added to show grouped summary statistics or counts. This set of functions offers an interface to add these groups at a table level and be consumed by subsequent layers.


add_treat_grps(table, ...)

add_total_group(table, group_name = "Total")




A tplyr_table object


A named vector where names will become the new treatment group names, and values will be used to construct those treatment groups


The treatment group name used for the constructed 'Total' group


add_treat_grps allows you to specify specific groupings. This is done by supplying named arguments, where the name becomes the new treatment group's name, and those treatment groups are made up of the argument's values.

add_total_group is a simple wrapper around add_treat_grps. Instead of producing custom groupings, it produces a "Total" group by the supplied name, which defaults to "Total". This "Total" group is made up of all existing treatment groups within the population dataset.

Note that when using add_treat_grps or add_total_row() with set_pop_data(), you should call add_total_row() AFTER calling set_pop_data(), otherwise there is potential for unexpected behaivior with treatment groups.

The function treat_grps allows you to see the custom treatment groups available in your tplyr_table object


The modified table object


tab <- tplyr_table(iris, Species)

# A custom group
add_treat_grps(tab, "Not Setosa" = c("versicolor", "virginica"))

# Add a total group

# Returns:
# $`Not Setosa`
#[1] "versicolor" "virginica"
#[1] "setosa"     "versicolor" "virginica"

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