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Replace repeating row label variables with blanks in preparation for display.


Depending on the display package being used, row label values may need to be blanked out if they are repeating. This gives the data frame supporting the table the appearance of the grouping variables being grouped together in blocks. apply_row_masks does this work by blanking out the value of any row_label variable where the current value is equal to the value before it. Note - apply_row_masks assumes that the data frame has already be sorted and therefore should only be applied once the data frame is in its final sort sequence.


apply_row_masks(dat, row_breaks = FALSE, ...)



Data.frame / tibble to mask repeating row_labels


Boolean - set to TRUE to insert row breaks


Variable used to determine where row-breaks should be inserted. Breaks will be inserted when this group of variables changes values. This is determined by dataset order, so sorting should be done prior to using apply_row_masks. If left empty, ord_layer_index will be used.


Additionally, apply_row_masks can add row breaks for you between each layer. Row breaks are inserted as blank rows. This relies on the "break by" variables (submitted via ...) constructed in build still being attached to the dataset. An additional order variable is attached named ord_break, but the output dataset is sorted to properly insert the row breaks between layers.


tibble with blanked out rows where values are repeating

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