table_format_defaults: Get or set the default format strings for descriptive...

get_desc_layer_formatsR Documentation

Get or set the default format strings for descriptive statistics layers


Tplyr provides you with the ability to set table-wide defaults of format strings. You may wish to reuse the same format strings across numerous layers. set_desc_layer_formats and set_count_layer_formats allow you to apply your desired format strings within the entire scope of the table.



set_desc_layer_formats(obj, ...)


set_count_layer_formats(obj, ...)


set_shift_layer_formats(obj, ...)



A tplyr_table object


formats to pass forward


For descriptive statistic layers, you can also use set_format_strings and set_desc_layer_formats together within a table, but not within the same layer. In the absence of specified format strings, first the table will be checked for any available defaults, and otherwise the tplyr.desc_layer_default_formats option will be used. set_format_strings will always take precedence over either. Defaults cannot be combined between set_format_strings, set_desc_layer_formats, and the tplyr.desc_layer_default_formats because the order of presentation of results is controlled by the format strings, so relying on combinations of these setting would not be intuitive.

For count layers, you can override the n_counts or riskdiff format strings separately, and the narrowest scope available will be used from layer, to table, to default options.

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