Man pages for batchtools
Tools for Computation on Batch Systems

addAlgorithmDefine Algorithms for Experiments
addExperimentsAdd Experiments to the Registry
addProblemDefine Problems for Experiments
batchExportExport Objects to the Slaves
batchMapMap Operation for Batch Systems
batchMapResultsMap Over Results to Create New Jobs
batchReduceReduce Operation for Batch Systems
batchtools-packagebatchtools: Tools for Computation on Batch Systems
btlapplySynchronous Apply Functions
cfBrewTemplateCluster Functions Helper to Write Job Description Files
cfHandleUnknownSubmitErrorCluster Functions Helper to Handle Unknown Errors
cfKillJobCluster Functions Helper to Kill Batch Jobs
cfReadBrewTemplateCluster Functions Helper to Parse a Brew Template
chunkChunk Jobs for Sequential Execution
clearRegistryRemove All Jobs
doJobCollectionExecute Jobs of a JobCollection
estimateRuntimesEstimate Remaining Runtimes
execJobExecute a Single Jobs
findConfFileFind a batchtools Configuration File
findJobsFind and Filter Jobs
findTemplateFileFind a batchtools Template File
getDefaultRegistryGet and Set the Default Registry
getErrorMessagesRetrieve Error Messages
getJobTableQuery Job Information
getStatusSummarize the Computational Status
grepLogsGrep Log Files for a Pattern
JobCollectionJobCollection Constructor
JobExperimentJobs and Experiments
JobNamesSet and Retrieve Job Names
JoinTablesInner, Left, Right, Outer, Semi and Anti Join for Data Tables
killJobsKill Jobs
loadRegistryLoad a Registry from the File System
loadResultLoad the Result of a Single Job
makeClusterFunctionsClusterFunctions Constructor
makeClusterFunctionsDockerClusterFunctions for Docker
makeClusterFunctionsInteractiveClusterFunctions for Sequential Execution in the Running R...
makeClusterFunctionsLSFClusterFunctions for LSF Systems
makeClusterFunctionsMulticoreClusterFunctions for Parallel Multicore Execution
makeClusterFunctionsOpenLavaClusterFunctions for OpenLava
makeClusterFunctionsSGEClusterFunctions for SGE Systems
makeClusterFunctionsSlurmClusterFunctions for Slurm Systems
makeClusterFunctionsSocketClusterFunctions for Parallel Socket Execution
makeClusterFunctionsSSHClusterFunctions for Remote SSH Execution
makeClusterFunctionsTORQUEClusterFunctions for OpenPBS/TORQUE Systems
makeExperimentRegistryExperimentRegistry Constructor
makeRegistryRegistry Constructor
makeSubmitJobResultCreate a SubmitJobResult
reduceResultsReduce Results
reduceResultsListApply Functions on Results
removeExperimentsRemove Experiments
removeRegistryRemove a Registry from the File System
resetJobsReset the Computational State of Jobs
runHookTrigger Evaluation of Custom Function
runOSCommandRun OS Commands on Local or Remote Machines
saveRegistryStore the Registy to the File System
showLogInspect Log Files
submitJobsSubmit Jobs to the Batch Systems
summarizeExperimentsQuick Summary over Experiments
sweepRegistryCheck Consistency and Remove Obsolete Information
syncRegistrySynchronize the Registry
TagsAdd or Remove Job Tags
testJobRun Jobs Interactively
unwrapUnwrap Nested Data Frames
waitForJobsWait for Termination of Jobs
WorkerCreate a Linux-Worker
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