cfBrewTemplate: Cluster Functions Helper to Write Job Description Files

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cfBrewTemplateR Documentation

Cluster Functions Helper to Write Job Description Files


This function is only intended for use in your own cluster functions implementation.

Calls brew silently on your template, any error will lead to an exception. The file is stored at the same place as the corresponding job file in the “jobs”-subdir of your files directory.


cfBrewTemplate(reg, text, jc)



Registry. If not explicitly passed, uses the default registry (see setDefaultRegistry).


String ready to be brewed. See cfReadBrewTemplate to read a template from the file system.


Will be used as environment to brew the template file in. See JobCollection for a list of all available variables.


[character(1)]. File path to brewed template file.

See Also

Other ClusterFunctionsHelper: cfHandleUnknownSubmitError(), cfKillJob(), cfReadBrewTemplate(), makeClusterFunctions(), makeSubmitJobResult(), runOSCommand()

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