findTemplateFile: Find a batchtools Template File

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findTemplateFileR Documentation

Find a batchtools Template File


This functions returns the path to a template file on the file system.





Either a path to a brew template file (with extension “tmpl”), or a short descriptive name enabling the following heuristic for the file lookup:

  1. “batchtools.[template].tmpl” in the path specified by the environment variable “R_BATCHTOOLS_SEARCH_PATH”.

  2. “batchtools.[template].tmpl” in the current working directory.

  3. “[template].tmpl” in the user config directory (see user_config_dir); on linux this is usually “~/.config/batchtools/[template].tmpl”.

  4. “.batchtools.[template].tmpl” in the home directory.

  5. “[template].tmpl” in the package installation directory in the subfolder “templates”.


[character] Path to the file or NA if no template template file was found.

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