makeClusterFunctionsSSH: ClusterFunctions for Remote SSH Execution

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ClusterFunctions for Remote SSH Execution


Jobs are spawned by starting multiple R sessions via Rscript over SSH. If the hostname of the Worker equals “localhost”, Rscript is called directly so that you do not need to have an SSH client installed.


makeClusterFunctionsSSH(workers, fs.latency = 65)



[list of Worker]
List of Workers as constructed with Worker.


Expected maximum latency of the file system, in seconds. Set to a positive number for network file systems like NFS which enables more robust (but also more expensive) mechanisms to access files and directories. Usually safe to set to 0 to disable the heuristic, e.g. if you are working on a local file system.




If you use a custom “.ssh/config” file, make sure your ProxyCommand passes ‘-q’ to ssh, otherwise each output will end with the message “Killed by signal 1” and this will break the communication with the nodes.

See Also

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## Not run: 
# cluster functions for multicore execution on the local machine
makeClusterFunctionsSSH(list(Worker$new("localhost", ncpus = 2)))

## End(Not run)

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