Man pages for bnlearn
Bayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference

alarmALARM monitoring system (synthetic) data set
alpha.starEstimate the optimal imaginary sample size for BDe(u)
arcopsDrop, add or set the direction of an arc or an edge
arc.strengthMeasure arc strength
asiaAsia (synthetic) data set by Lauritzen and Spiegelhalter
bfBayes factor between two network structures
bnbootParametric and nonparametric bootstrap of Bayesian networks
bn.classThe bn class structure
bn.cvCross-validation for Bayesian networks
bn.fitFit the parameters of a Bayesian network class structure to manipulate fitted Bayesian networks fitted Bayesian networks
bn.kcv.classThe bn.kcv class structure
bnlearn-packageBayesian network structure learning, parameter learning and...
bn.strength-classThe bn.strength class structure
choose.directionTry to infer the direction of an undirected arc
ci.testIndependence and conditional independence tests
clgaussian-testSynthetic (mixed) data set to test learning algorithms
compareCompare two or more different Bayesian networks
configsConstruct configurations of discrete variables
constraintConstraint-based structure learning algorithms
coronaryCoronary heart disease data set
count.graphsCount graphs with specific characteristics
cpdagEquivalence classes, moral graphs and consistent extensions
cpqueryPerform conditional probability queries
ctsdagEquivalence classes in the presence of interventions
dsepTest d-separation
foreignRead and write BIF, NET, DSC and DOT files
gaussian-testSynthetic (continuous) data set to test learning algorithms
gRainImport and export networks from the gRain package
graphUtilities to manipulate graphs
graphgenGenerate empty or random graphs
graphpkgImport and export networks from the graph package
graphviz.chartPlotting networks with probability bars
graphviz.plotAdvanced Bayesian network plots
hailfinderThe HailFinder weather forecast system (synthetic) data set
hcScore-based structure learning algorithms
hybridHybrid structure learning algorithms
imputePredict or impute missing data from a Bayesian network
insuranceInsurance evaluation network (synthetic) data set
learnDiscover the structure around a single node
learning-testSynthetic (discrete) data set to test learning algorithms
lizardsLizards' perching behaviour data set
marksExamination marks data set
mbMiscellaneous utilities
mi.matrixLocal discovery structure learning algorithms
modelstringBuild a model string from a Bayesian network and vice versa
naive.bayesNaive Bayes classifiers
orderingUtilities dealing with partial node orderings
pcalgImport and export networks from the pcalg package
plot.bnPlot a Bayesian network arc strengths derived from bootstrap
preprocessingPre-process data to better learn Bayesian networks
rbnSimulate random data from a given Bayesian network
relevantIdentify relevant nodes without learning the Bayesian network
rocrpkgGenerating a prediction object for ROCR
scoreScore of the Bayesian network
statspkgProduce lm objects from Bayesian networks
strength.plotArc strength plot
structural.emStructure learning from missing data
test.counterManipulating the test counter
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