bn.strength-class: The bn.strength class structure

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The bn.strength class structure


The structure of an object of S3 class bn.strength.


An object of class bn.strength is a data frame with the following columns (one row for each arc):

  • from, to: the nodes incident on the arc.

  • strength: the strength of the arc. See arc.strength, boot.strength, custom.strength and strength.plot for details.

and some additional attributes:

  • nodes: a vector of character strings, the labels of the nodes of the network(s) the strength were computed from.

  • method: a character string, the method used to compute the strength coefficients. It can be equal to test, score or bootstrap.

  • threshold: a numeric value, the threshold used to determine if a strength coefficient is significant.

An optional column called direction may also be present, giving the probability of the direction of an arc given its presence in the graph.

Only the plot() method is defined for this class; therefore, it can be manipulated as a standard data frame.


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