lizards: Lizards' perching behaviour data set

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Lizards' perching behaviour data set


Real-world data set about the perching behaviour of two species of lizards in the South Bimini island, from Shoener (1968).




The lizards data set contains the following variables:

  • Species (the species of the lizard): a two-level factor with levels Sagrei and Distichus.

  • Height (perch height): a two-level factor with levels high (greater than 4.75 feet) and low (lesser or equal to 4.75 feet).

  • Diameter (perch diameter): a two-level factor with levels narrow (greater than 4 inches) and wide (lesser or equal to 4 inches).


Edwards DI (2000). Introduction to Graphical Modelling. Springer, 2nd edition.

Fienberg SE (1980). The Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical Data. Springer, 2nd edition.

Schoener TW (1968). "The Anolis Lizards of Bimini: Resource Partitioning in a Complex Fauna". Ecology, 49(4):704–726.


# load the data.
# create and plot the network structure.
dag = model2network("[Species][Diameter|Species][Height|Species]")
## Not run: graphviz.plot(dag, shape = "ellipse")

# This data set is useful as it offers nominal values for
# the conditional mutual information and X^2 tests.
ci.test("Height", "Diameter", "Species", test = "mi", data = lizards)
ci.test("Height", "Diameter", "Species", test = "x2", data = lizards)

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