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Plot fitted Bayesian networks


Plot functions for the, and classes, based on the lattice package.


## for Gaussian Bayesian networks., xlab = "Theoretical Quantiles",
  ylab = "Sample Quantiles", main, ...), density = TRUE, xlab = "Residuals",
  ylab = ifelse(density, "Density", ""), main, ...), xlab = "Fitted values", ylab = "Residuals", main, ...)
## for discrete (multinomial and ordinal) Bayesian networks., xlab = "Probabilities", ylab = "Levels", main, ...), xlab = "Probabilities", ylab = "Levels", main, ...)



an object of class, or

xlab, ylab, main

the label of the x axis, of the y axis, and the plot title.


a boolean value. If TRUE the histogram is plotted using relative frequencies, and the matching normal density is added to the plot.


additional arguments to be passed to lattice functions.

Details draws a quantile-quantile plot of the residuals. draws a histogram of the residuals, using either absolute or relative frequencies. plots the residuals versus the fitted values. and plot the probabilities in the conditional probability table associated with each node.


The lattice plot objects. Note that if auto-printing is turned off (for example when the code is loaded with the source function), the return value must be printed explicitly for the plot to be displayed.


Marco Scutari

See Also, class.

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