Defines functions fspa2

Documented in fspa2

fspa2<- function(veg,method,d.rev=0.5,n.groups=3) {
    toolarge<- 1e12
    # settig defaults
    def.rev<- is.null(d.rev)
    if(def.rev == TRUE) d.rev<- 0.5
    rev<- d.rev
    # default for distance measure
    def.meth<- is.null(method)
    if(def.meth == TRUE) method<- "euclidean"
    # default for group number
    def.gr<- is.null(n.groups)
    if(def.gr == TRUE) n.groups<- 3
    # end default
    order<- length(veg[,1])
    mde <- vegdist(veg,method,diag=TRUE,upper=TRUE)
    hclust.r <-hclust(mde,method="ward.D")
    memb.r<- cutree(hclust.r,k = n.groups)
    den<- as.dendrogram(hclust.r)
    #  plot(den) if required here
    md<- as.matrix(mde)
    # ordination with pco
    out.pco<- pco(mde,k=6)
    oldscores<- out.pco$points
    lambda1<- round(out.pco$eig[1]/sum(out.pco$eig),digits=2)
    lambda2<- round(out.pco$eig[2]/sum(out.pco$eig),digits=2)
    # ordering increasing
    omd<- order(md)
    # finding treshold tresh from revised portion rev
    nrev<- as.integer(length(as.vector(md))*(1-rev))
    tresh<- md[omd][nrev]
    # connecting distant points:
    # nline counts the lines
    # iindex is index of starting point
    # jindex is index of ending point
    nline<- 0
    iindex<- rep(0,order*order)
    jindex<- rep(0,order*order)
    for(i in 1:order) for(j in i:order) {
        if(md[i,j] < tresh) {
            nline<- nline+1
            iindex[nline]<- i
            jindex[nline]<- j
    sel<- which(md >= tresh)
    # replacing too large distances by toolarge
    md[sel]<- toolarge
    # replacing all distances by nearest path
    for(kk in 1:3){
        for(i in 1:order) for(j in 1:order) {
            md[i,j]<- min(md[i,]+md[j,])
    out.pco<- pco(md,k=3)
    #  par(op)
    lambda1<- round(out.pco$eig[1]/sum(out.pco$eig),digits=2)
    lambda2<- round(out.pco$eig[2]/sum(out.pco$eig),digits=2)
    # output list
    outfspa<- list(oldpoints=oldscores,symbols=memb.r,nline=nline,startline=iindex,endline=jindex,newpoints=out.pco$points,dmat.before=mde,dmat.after=md,d.rev=rev,eig=out.pco$eig)

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