designGG: Computational tool for designing genetical genomics experiments.

The package provides R scripts for designing genetical genomics experiments.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorYang Li <>, Morris Swertz <>, Gonzalo Vera <>, Rainer Breitling <>, Ritsert Jansen <>
Date of publication2013-02-19 16:08:27
MaintainerYang Li <>

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acceptanceProbability Man page
arrayUpdate Man page
conditionAllocation Man page
conditionCombination Man page
conditionLevel Man page
conditionUpdate Man page
design genetical genomics experiment Man page
designGG Man page
designScore Man page
exampleArrayDesignTable Man page
exampleConditionDesignTable Man page
examplePlotObj Man page
experimentDesignTable Man page
genotype Man page
initialDesign Man page
interactionLevel Man page
pairLevel Man page
plotAllScores Man page
temperatureStep Man page
updateDesign Man page
variableNames Man page
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