conditionUpdate: Update condition allocation

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Update the allocation of samples onto different conditions. This is a subfunction needed for updateDesign, but is not directly used.


    conditionUpdate( condition.allocation, nTuple,bTwoColorArray )



a matrix with nCondition rows and nRIL columns. elements of 1/0 indicate this RIL (or strain) is/not selected for this condition.


average number of RILs (or strains) to be assigned onto each condition
nTuple should be a real number which is larger than 1.
if nTuple < 1, the algorithm will stop and show the message,
warning: "The number slides is too less to perform the experiment."


binary variable indicating experiment type:
bTwoColorArray <- TRUE \#for dual channel experiment
bTwoColorArray <- FALSE \#for single channel experiment


This function will be used both in single and dual channel experiment design.


An updated condition.allocation table.


Yang Li <>, Gonzalo Vera <>
Rainer Breitling <>, Ritsert Jansen <>


Y. Li, R. Breitling and R.C. Jansen. Generalizing genetical genomics: the added value from environmental perturbation, Trends Genet (2008) 24:518-524.
Y. Li, M. Swertz, G. Vera, J. Fu, R. Breitling, and R.C. Jansen. designGG: An R-package and Web tool for the optimal design of genetical genomics experiments. BMC Bioinformatics 10:188(2009)

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