Man pages for designGG
Computational tool for designing genetical genomics experiments.

acceptanceProbabilityCompute the acceptance probability for each updated design
arrayUpdateUpdate array allocation
conditionAllocationAllocate the selected RILs into different conditions
conditionCombinationGenerate a matrix indicating all possible levels for...
conditionLevelLevels of all environmental factors
conditionUpdateUpdate condition allocation
designGGOptimal design for genetical genomics experiments
designGG-internalInternal designGG functions
designScoreCalculate the A- or D- optimality score based on current...
exampleArrayDesignTableExample output of ArrayDesignTable data
exampleConditionDesignTableExample ConditionDesignTable data
examplePlotObjExample PlotObj data
experimentDesignTableMake experiment table based design matrix
genotypeExample genotype data
initialDesignInitialize an experiment design matrix
interactionLevelGenerate levels for all interacting factors
pairLevelPair levels for paired RILs (or strains)
plotAllScoresPlot scores profiles
temperatureStepCalculate the temperature decreasing step for simulated...
updateDesignUpdates current design
variableNamesGenerate variable names for all factors
variableNumberCompute the number of variables in the experiment
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