Man pages for dexterMST
CML and Bayesian Calibration of Multistage Tests

add_item_properties_mstAdd item properties to an dextermst project
add_person_properties_mstAdd person properties to a mst project
add_response_data_mstAdd multistage response data
add_scoring_rules_mstadd scoring rules to an mst project
alter_scoring_rules_mstalter scoring rules in an mst project
close_mst_projectClose an mst project
create_mst_projectcreate a new (empty) mst project
create_mst_testDefine a new multi stage test
design_plotPlot the routing design of mst tests
dexterMST-packageDexterMST: CML calibration and data management for multi...
DIF_mstExploratory test for Differential Item Functioning
fit_enorm_mstFit the extended nominal response model on MST data
fit_inter_mstFit the interaction model on a single multi-stage booklet
get_booklets_mstretrieve information from a mst database
get_responses_mstExtract response data from a dexterMST database
import_from_dexterimport data from a dexter project
mst_rulesDefine routing rules
open_mst_projectopen an existing mst project
plot.DIF_stats_mstplot method for DIF_mst
plot.im_mstplots for the interaction model
profile_tables_mstProfile analysis
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sim_mstSimulate multistage testing data
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