design_plot: Plot the routing design of mst tests

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Plot the routing design of mst tests


Plot the routing design of mst tests


design_plot(db, predicate = NULL, by_booklet = FALSE, ...)



dexterMST project database connection


logical predicate to select data (tests, booklets,responses) to include in the design plot


plot and color the paths in a test per booklet


further arguments to plot.igraph


You can use this function to plot routing designs for tests before or after they are administered. There are some slight differences.

If you have entered response data already, the thickness of the line will indicate the numbers of respondents that took the respective paths through the test. Paths not taken will not be drawn. You can use the predicate (see examples) to include or exclude items, tests and respondents.

If you have not entered response data, all lines will have equal thickness. Variables you can use in the predicate are limited to test_id and booklet_id in this case.


## Not run: 
# plot test designs for all tests in the project

# plot design for a test with id 'math'
design_plot(db, test_id == 'math')

# plot design for test math with item 'circumference' turned off
# (this plot will only work if you have response data)
design_plot(db, test_id == 'math' & item_id != 'circumference')

## End(Not run)

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