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DexterMST: CML calibration and data management for multi stage tests


DexterMST is a generalization of the most important functionality in dexter to multi stage tests. Function names are typically the same as in dexter with '_mst' added. CML calibration of real life mst tests is tricky, especially if one considers the need to condition on the design in combination with data selections and corrections of key errors. DexterMST aims to handle these things automatically and protect the user from making mistakes by working from a local database which enforces some restrictions.


The main features are:

  • project databases providing a structure for storing data about persons, items, responses and booklets.

  • CML calibration of the extended nominal response model and interaction model.

To learn more about dexterMST, start with the vignette: ‘vignette(’dexterMST',package='dexterMST')'


Maintainer: Timo Bechger


  • Jesse Koops

  • Ivailo Partchev

  • Gunter Maris

Other contributors:

  • Robert Zwitser [contributor]

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