import_from_dexter: import data from a dexter project

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import_from_dexterR Documentation

import data from a dexter project


This function will import items, scoring rules, persons, test designs and responses from a dexter database into the dexterMST database.


import_from_dexter(db, dexter_db, dx_response_prefix = "")



dextermst project db connection


path to a dexter database file or open dexter db connection


string to prefix responses from dexter with (usually not necessary, see details)


DexterMST has no problem calibrating data from linear tests. However, dexter and dexterMST have differently structured project databases. If you already have response data from linear tests in a dexter database, you can easily import it into your dexterMST database from there.

The dexterMST variables test_id, module_id and booklet_id will all be set to the dexter variable booklet_id (i.e. a linear test becomes a multistage test with one booklet and one module only).

It is assumed that items with equal id's in your dexter and dexterMST project refer to the same items. If an item in dexter has different score categories compared to an existing item with the same item_id in dexterMST an error will be generated. If the same response to the same item has a different score, this will also generate an error. However, it is possible for an item in dexter to have scoring rules for responses not defined in dexterMST and vice versa.

In the unusual and unfortunate situation that the same response to the same item should have a different score in dexter than in dexterMST, you can use the parameter dx_response_prefix to prefix the responses in dexter with some unique combination of characters, e.g. "dexter". In practice this sometimes happens when old archived data is only available in scored form (i.e. response 0 has score 0, response 1 has score 1) and new data is available in raw form but the actual response can also be 0 or 1, etc. causing a conflict.


## Not run: 
dbDex = start_new_project(verbAggrRules, "verbAggression.db", 
add_booklet(dbDex, verbAggrData, "agg")
add_item_properties(dbDex, verbAggrProperties)
db = create_mst_project(':memory:')
import_from_dexter(db, dbDex)
f_mst = fit_enorm_mst(db)
f_dexter = fit_enorm(dbDex)

## End(Not run)

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