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Define routing rules


Define routing rules for use in create_mst_test





routing rules defined using a a dot-like syntax, read –+ as an arrow and [:] as a range of score to move to the next stage


Each scoring rule in '...' defines one or more routing rules together making up a booklet. For example, 'route1 = a[0:5] –+ d[9:15] –+ f' means a start at module 'a', continue to module 'd' when the score on 'a' is between 0 and 5 (inclusive) and continue to 'g' when the score on modules 'a + b' is between 0 and 8 (for 'All' routing) or the score on just module 'b' is between 0 and 8 (for 'Last' routing). 'route1' becomes the id of the specific path or booklet, which must be supplied with the data later.

A routing design for a linear (non-multistage) booklet can simply be entered as mst_rules(my_booklet = my_single_module).


data.frame with columns...

See Also

create_mst_test for a description of all and last routing and add_response_data_mst to see how to enter data


# a (complicated) three stage (1-3-3) routing design with 9 booklets and 7 modules

routing_rules = mst_rules(bk1 = M1[0:61] --+ M2[0:136]   --+ M5,
                          bk2 = M1[0:61] --+ M2[137:183] --+ M6,
                          bk3 = M1[0:61] --+ M2[184:Inf] --+ M7,

                          bk4 = M1[62:86] --+ M3[0:98]    --+ M5,
                          bk5 = M1[62:86] --+ M3[99:149]  --+ M6,
                          bk6 = M1[62:86] --+ M3[150:Inf] --+ M7,

                          bk7 = M1[87:Inf] --+ M4[0:98]    --+ M5,
                          bk8 = M1[87:Inf] --+ M4[99:130]  --+ M6,
                          bk9 = M1[87:Inf] --+ M4[131:Inf] --+ M7)

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