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Get subdirectories


If you want only subfolders and no files, use dirs. With recursive = FALSE, dir returns both folders and files. With recursive = TRUE, it returns only files.


dirs(path='.', pattern=NULL, exclude=NULL, all.files=FALSE,
     full.names=FALSE, recursive=FALSE, ignore.case=FALSE) 


path, all.files, full.names, recursive, ignore.case

as for dir

pattern, exclude

optional regular expressions of filenames to include or exclude, respectively.


1. mainDir <- dir(...) without recurse

2. Use file.info to restrict mainDir to only directories.

3. If !recursive, return the restricted mainDir. Else, if length(mainDir) > 0, create dirList to hold the results of the recursion and call dirs for each component of mainDir. Then unlist and return the result.


A character vector of the desired subdirectories.


Spencer Graves


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See Also

dir, file.info

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