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Functional Data Analysis

AmpPhaseDecompDecomposition for Amplitude and Phase Variation
arithmetic.basisfdArithmatic on functional basis objects
arithmetic.fdArithmetic on functional data ('fd') objects
as.array3Reshape a vector or array to have 3 dimensions.
as.fdConvert a spline object to class 'fd'
as.POSIXct1970'as.POXIXct' for number of seconds since the start of 1970.
axisIntervalsMark Intervals on a Plot Axis
basisfdDefine a Functional Basis Object
basisfd.productProduct of two basisfd objects
bifdCreate a bivariate functional data object
bifdParDefine a Bivariate Functional Parameter Object
bsplinepenB-Spline Penalty Matrix
bsplineSB-spline Basis Function Values
CanadianWeatherCanadian average annual weather cycle
cca.fdFunctional Canonical Correlation Analysis
center.fdCenter Functional Data
checkDims3Compare dimensions and dimnames of arrays
checkLogicalIntegerDoes an argument satisfy required conditions?
coefExtract functional coefficients
cor.fdCorrelation matrix from functional data object(s)
covPACEEstimate of the covariance surface
CRANTest if running as CRAN
create.basisCreate Basis Set for Functional Data Analysis
create.bspline.basisCreate a B-spline Basis
create.constant.basisCreate a Constant Basis
create.exponential.basisCreate an Exponential Basis
create.fourier.basisCreate a Fourier Basis
create.monomial.basisCreate a Monomial Basis
create.polygonal.basisCreate a Polygonal Basis
create.power.basisCreate a Power Basis Object
CSTRContinuously Stirred Tank Reactor
cumfdCompute a Cumulative Distribution Functional Data Object
cycleplot.fdPlot Cycles for a Periodic Bivariate Functional Data Object
Data2fdCreate smooth functions that fit scatterplot data.
dateAccessoriesNumeric and character vectors to facilitate working with...
density.fdCompute a Probability Density Function
deriv.fdCompute a Derivative of a Functional Data Object
df2lambdaConvert Degrees of Freedom to a Smoothing Parameter Value
df.residual.fRegressDegrees of Freedom for Residuals from a Functional Regression
dirsGet subdirectories
EigenEigenanalysis preserving dimnames
eigen.pdaStability Analysis for Principle Differential Analysis
ElectricDemandPredicting electricity demand in Adelaide from temperature
eval.basisValues of Basis Functions or their Derivatives
eval.bifdValues a Two-argument Functional Data Object
evaldiag.bifdEvaluate the Diagonal of a Bivariate Functional Data Object
eval.fdValues of a Functional Data Object
eval.monfdValues of a Monotone Functional Data Object
eval.penaltyEvaluate a Basis Penalty Matrix
eval.posfdEvaluate a Positive Functional Data Object
eval.surpValues of a Functional Data Object Defining Surprisal Curves.
exponExponential Basis Function Values
exponentiate.fdPowers of a functional data ('fd') object
exponpenExponential Penalty Matrix
fbplotFunctional Boxplots
fdDefine a Functional Data Object
fd2listConvert a univariate functional data object to a list
fda-packageFunctions for statistical analyses of functions
fdlabelsExtract plot labels and names for replicates and variables
fdParDefine a Functional Parameter Object
fdParcheckConvert 'fd' or 'basisfd' Objects to 'fdPar' Objects
fourierFourier Basis Function Values
fourierpenFourier Penalty Matrix
Fperm.fdPermutation F-test for functional linear regression.
fRegressFunctional Regression Analysis
fRegress.CVComputes Cross-validated Error Sum of Integrated Squared...
fRegress.stderrCompute Standard errors of Coefficient Functions Estimated by...
Fstat.fdF-statistic for functional linear regression.
gaitHip and knee angle while walking
geigenGeneralized eigenanalysis
getbasismatrixValues of Basis Functions or their Derivatives
getbasispenaltyEvaluate a Roughness Penalty Matrix
getbasisrangeExtract the range from a basis object
growthBerkeley Growth Study data
handwritCursive handwriting samples
infantGrowthTibia Length for One Baby
inprodInner products of Functional Data Objects.
inprod.BsplineCompute Inner Products B-spline Expansions.
int2LfdConvert Integer to Linear Differential Operator
intensity.fdIntensity Function for Point Process
is.basisConfirm Object is Class "Basisfd"
is.eqbasisConfirm that two objects of class "Basisfd" are identical
is.fdConfirm Object has Class "fd"
is.fdParConfirm Object has Class "fdPar"
is.fdSmoothConfirm Object has Class "fdSmooth"
is.LfdConfirm Object has Class "Lfd"
knots.fdExtract the knots from a function basis or data object
lambda2dfConvert Smoothing Parameter to Degrees of Freedom
lambda2gcvCompute GCV Criterion
landmarkregLandmark Registration of Functional Observations with...
LfdDefine a Linear Differential Operator Object
lines.fdAdd Lines from Functional Data to a Plot
linmodFit Fully Functional Linear Model
lipLip motion
lnsrchSearch along a line for a minimum within an optimisation...
matplotPlot Columns of Matrices
mean.fdMean of Functional Data
melanomamelanoma 1936-1972
monfnEvaluate the a monotone function
mongradEvaluate the gradient of a monotone function
monhessEvaluate the Hessian matrix of a monotone function
monomialEvaluate Monomial Basis
monomialpenEvaluate Monomial Roughness Penalty Matrix
MontrealTempMontreal Daily Temperature
nondurablesNondurable goods index
norderOrder of a B-spline
objAndNamesAdd names to an object
odesolvNumerical Solution mth Order Differential Equation System
pca.fdFunctional Principal Components Analysis
pcaPACEEstimate the functional principal components
pda.fdPrincipal Differential Analysis
pda.overlayStability Analysis for Principle Differential Analysis
phaseplanePlotPhase-plane plot
pinchpinch force data
plot.basisfdPlot a Basis Object
plotbetaPlot a functional parameter object with confidence limits
plot.cca.fdPlot Functional Canonical Correlation Weight Functions
plot.fdPlot a Functional Data Object
plotfit.fdPlot a Functional Data Object With Data
plot.LfdPlot a Linear Differential Operator Object
plot.pca.fdPlot Functional Principal Components
plot.pda.fdPlot Principle Differential Analysis Components
plotscoresPlot Principal Component Scores
polintmatPolynomial extrapolation for a converging sequence of one or...
polygPolygonal Basis Function Values
polygpenPolygonal Penalty Matrix
powerbasisPower Basis Function Values
powerpenPower Penalty Matrix
ppBsplineConvert a B-spline function to piece-wise polynomial form
predict.fRegressPredict method for Functional Regression
project.basisApproximate Functional Data Using a Basis
quadsetQuadrature points and weights for Simpson's rule
reconsCurvesReconstruct data curves using functional principal components
refineryReflux and tray level in a refinery
ReginaPrecipRegina Daily Precipitation
register.fdRegister Functional Data Objects Using a Continuous Criterion
register.newfdRegister Functional Data Objects with Pre-Computed Warping...
scoresPACEEstimates of functional Principal Component scores through...
sdStandard Deviation of Functional Data
seabirdSea Bird Counts
smooth.basisConstruct a functional data object by smoothing data using a...
smooth.basisParSmooth Data Using a Directly Specified Roughness Penalty
smooth.basis.sparseConstruct a functional data object by smoothing data using a...
smooth.bibasisSmooth a discrete surface over a rectangular lattice
smooth.fdSmooth a Functional Data Object Using an Indirectly Specified...
smooth.fdParSmooth a functional data object using a directly specified...
smooth.monotoneMonotone Smoothing of Data
smooth.morphEstimates a Smooth Warping Function Mapping an Interval into...
smooth.posSmooth Data with a Positive Function
smooth.sparse.meanSmooth the mean function of sparse data
smooth.surpFit data with surprisal smoothing.
sparse.listCreates a list of sparse data from a matrix
sparse.matCreates a matrix of sparse data with NAs out of a list
stepchkCheck a step size value for being within parameter limits.
stepitCompute a new step size for a linear search within an...
sum.fdSum of Functional Data
summary.basisfdSummarize a Functional Data Object
summary.bifdSummarize a Bivariate Functional Data Object
summary.fdSummarize a Functional Data Object
summary.fdParSummarize a Functional Parameter Object
summary.LfdSummarize a Linear Differential Operator Object
surp.fitEvaluate the fit of surprisal curves to binned psychometric...
symsolvesolve(A, B) where A is symmetric
tperm.fdPermutation t-test for two groups of functional data objects.
trapzmatApproximate the functional inner product of two functional...
var.fdVariance, Covariance, and Correlation Surfaces for Functional...
varmxRotate a Matrix of Component Loadings using the VARIMAX...
varmx.cca.fdRotation of Functional Canonical Components with VARIMAX
varmx.pca.fdRotation of Functional Principal Components with VARIMAX...
vec2LfdMake a Linear Differential Operator Object from a Vector
wtcheckCheck a vector of weights
ycheckCheck Data Arrays for Smoothing Functions
zerobasisOrthonormal Matrix with Columns Summing to Zero
zerofindDoes the range of the input contain 0?
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