fdParcheck: Convert 'fd' or 'basisfd' Objects to 'fdPar' Objects

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Convert fd or basisfd Objects to fdPar Objects


If the input is an fd object, default fdPar parameters are added to convert the object to an fdPar object. If a basisfd object, it is first converted to an fd object with a nbasis by ncurve coefficient matrix of zeros, and then converted to a fdPar object.


fdParcheck(fdParobj, ncurve=NULL)



A basisfd, fd or a fdPar object.


The number of curves or functions for which the basis object is to be used in their representation. If missing, an error message is displayed and computation terminated.


The previous version of this function did not include the argument ncurve, and set up an fd object with a square matrix of zeros. This could cause an error in many of the functions that called it.


Returns a fdPar object.


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