monomialpen: Evaluate Monomial Roughness Penalty Matrix

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Evaluate Monomial Roughness Penalty Matrix


The roughness penalty matrix is the set of inner products of all pairs of a derivative of integer powers of the argument.


monomialpen(basisobj, Lfdobj=int2Lfd(2),



a monomial basis object.


either a nonnegative integer specifying an order of derivative or a linear differential operator object.


the inner product may be computed over a range that is contained within the range defined in the basis object. This is a vector or length two defining the range.


a symmetric matrix of order equal to the number of monomial basis functions.


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See Also

exponpen, fourierpen, bsplinepen, polygpen


## set up a monomial basis for the first five powers
nbasis   <- 5
basisobj <- create.monomial.basis(c(-1,1),nbasis)
#  evaluate the rougness penalty matrix for the
#  second derivative.
penmat <- monomialpen(basisobj, 2)

## with rng of class Date and POSIXct
# Date
invasion1 <- as.Date('1775-09-04')
invasion2 <- as.Date('1812-07-12')
earlyUS.Canada <- c(invasion1, invasion2)
BspInvade1 <- create.monomial.basis(earlyUS.Canada)
invadmat <- monomialpen(BspInvade1)

AmRev.ct <- as.POSIXct1970(c('1776-07-04', '1789-04-30'))
BspRev1.ct <- create.monomial.basis(AmRev.ct)
revmat <- monomialpen(BspRev1.ct)

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